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Zabosfa Ltd. offers a wide range of tasty and fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown on the Great Plain region in South-Hungary. 

About us

The name Zabosfa means for me tradition, respect and prograssion in the same time.

Our small village – Zákányszék, where we actually live and work – is located in South-Hungary and was called Zabosfa around 1840’s.  It may be an average Hungarian village, but differs in that inhabintants have a special relationship with eachother. This mutual respect and esteem develop our community’s life further.

Our values are the family, work, the love and respect of fields, and humility for religion and our ancestors. These ensure the development of the village and each individuals.

This is what I believe and what our company work alongside of as well. We believe the experty what our ancestors developed with hard work can be benefitial for us to satisfy our customers. Thereby we would like to make our world likeable and more happy, where we and our children can live safe. Everyday values like health, freshness and time spent together by the table will become more important again. As the Italian people say “A tavola non s’invecchia” what means You dont get old at the table. This is what we would like to provide safe and delicious fruit and vegetables for.

Péter KAZI

managing director, owner


Our Products


are our passion

Potatoes grown in the sandy soil of South-Hungarian region have an exceptional taste and quality, therefore their popularity has been growing year by year. We sold almost 9 thousand tonnes of potatoes in the year 2018., what was provided by our grower basis who operates on more than 500ha field. The cooling capacity of our growers ensures consistent quality and availability of red (Red scarlet, Red sonja, Mozart, Bellarosa and Manitou) and yellow (Impala, Agrya, Krone, Agatha és Toscana) varieties.


are our love

An important part of the Hungarian roots production comes from our region, therefore we pay high attention on this product category. Thanks to our grower cooperation root vegetables like carrot, parsley, parsnip and celery are available from early spring. Growers own more than 250 ha fields what provide availability for our customers all year around.

Spring vegetables

are our expertise

For our spring vegetables (iceberg lettuce, flat lettuce, white and red radishes, spring onion) we collected the most respected growers to meet the highest standards of our customers. After the Hungarian season we prolong availability with Italian sources, therefore our spring vegetable production is capable to grow continuously.

Stone fruits

are our tradition

Csongrád county is famous for the stone fruits as we have the highest number of sunny hours in the country. Hence of this fact our fruits are rich of vitamins and has exceptionally high brix. By us he traditional varieties are supplemented by new Italian ones what means we associate the expertise of past and present.


are our possibility

Consumption of squashes have been growing year by year, which offers possibility of development for our region. The most important line in Hungary is the butternut squash what we can offer from organic production as well. When ripe, it turns increasingly deep orange, and becomes sweeter and richer.


are our mission

Organic products means not only a trend for us, but a commitment. We believe that the fresh produce from reliable source are the right base of our health. This is what we always bear in mind when we control our growers and take care of our products.

Above our local growers we cooperate with Italian growers as well, therefore our product range consists of more than 20 type of fruits and 40 vegetables.

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Our brochure is available in printable .pdf file format that you can access by clicking on the “download” button below. 

Contact Us!

  • E-mail: contact[at]zabosfa.hu

  • Address: H-6787 Zákányszék, Zabosfa utca 1.